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Buying a prefabricated garage in Sainte-Sophie can be a daunting task. There are many factors and options to consider for your garage project such as: lot size, choice of colors, design of plans, exterior finish, interior finish, storage space, roof pitch, garage doors, choice of sizes, choice of models and much more…

La Cabanerie: experts in building sheds and custom garages (single or double garage) have decided to create a complete guide for your prefabricated garage project. This guide will help you choose your garage.

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What is a prefabricated garage?

A prefabricated garage is a garage that is built in a factory and delivered to your home by truck. Prefabricated garages are generally less expensive than traditional wooden garages, making them ideal for families on a budget.

Benefits of a prefabricated kit garage

A prefabricated garage is a kit garage, consisting of factory prefabricated panels and delivered to the building site. It is an excellent solution for sheltering your vehicles from the elements. It is easy to install and can be customized to your needs and budget.

Prefab garages can be built quickly and easily, making them ideal for families who need extra space in their home.

What are La Cabanerie's prefab garages made of?

Prefabricated garages are usually made of steel, aluminum or wood. They are then covered with a waterproof material to protect them from rain, snow and sun. Prefab garages can be as simple or as luxurious as you want them to be.

If you are looking for an affordable, quality prefab garage, contact La Cabanerie today. We’ll be happy to help you design and build the perfect garage for your home.

What is included in a prefabricated kit garage?

A prefab kit garage includes a number of items and equipment that are essential for a prefab kit garage installation to go smoothly. These include: 

Here is what you will find in your prefabricated garage kit. Thanks to the service and advice of La Cabanerie’s prefabricated garage experts, you are sure to get a quality garage.

Do you have questions about the contents or installation of a prefabricated garage kit?

Prefabricated garage kit price

How much does a
prefab garage cost in Sainte-Sophie? 

The price of a prefabricated garage varies according to the choice of sizes, the choice of cladding, the choice of models and the quality of the materials used. The most expensive prefabricated garages can cost up to $30,000, while the least expensive ones can cost less than $5,000.

If you are looking to buy a prefabricated garage with affordable costs, Cabanerie is the company for you. We offer a wide range of prefabricated garage models at competitive prices. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to avoid unpleasant surprises when purchasing your prefabricated garage.

Why buy a prefabricated garage in Sainte-Sophie ?

Prefabricated garages offer many advantages over traditional garages. They are more affordable, easy to install and can be customized to your needs and budget. In addition, prefabricated garages are generally stronger and more durable than custom-built garages.

Why trust La Cabanerie?

La Cabanerie is a company specialized in the construction of custom and prefabricated garages. We have over 10 years of experience in building and installing prefabricated garages and we know what it takes to build a solid and durable garage while offering you excellent installation services.

By choosing La Cabanerie, you will benefit from the following advantages for the construction of your prefabricated garage.

A personalized service for the choice of your prefabricated garage

We take the time to understand your needs, to study the terrain and to design the perfect garage for your home.

An experienced team for the installation of your prefabricated garage

Our team is made up of experienced designers and builders who will help you design and build the prefab garage of your dreams.

Competitive prices on prefab garages

We work hard to provide you with the best possible prices for your prefab garage construction.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced company to build your garage with a modular structure and with a record delivery time, contact La Cabanerie today.